Dynamic Identities and their Creative Potentials


Di, 25. Juni 2024 - 19 Uhr


Forum VHS im Museum am Neumarkt


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Talk by Kwame Anthony Appiah & Conversation with Lubi Barre and Liz Shoo


Our new project series Wings with Roots - Dynamic Belongings is inspired by the renowned philosopher, professor and writer Kwame Anthony Appiah and his book The Lies that Bind - Rethinking Identity (Profile Books 2018). The new series is dedicated to diverse worldviews and alternate forms of knowledge production and invites us to open up to literary voices that convey a dynamic understanding of identity. Excellent Black writers tell stories from plural worlds with all the challenges and creative potentials that unfold in our global and diversely intertwined world(s).

Dynamic Identities and their Creative Potential - Talk by Kwame Anthony Appiah & poetry performance by Lubi Barre, followed by a conversation with Liz Shoo

Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah spent his childhood in Ghana and England and has taught philosophy on three continents and is currently professor at NYU. His talk will highlight the potentials of dynamic identities in literatures and thus marks the start of the new literary series by stimmen afrikas.The Hamburg-based writer Lubi Barre, born in France, raised in Somalia and the U.S., will perform some of her poetry. Afterwards both guests will enter a discussion with TV-moderator Liz Shoo on the great potentials of international and dynamic biographies offering a rich, divers and flexible repertoire of skills and experiences.

Kwame Anthony Appiah

Kwame Anthony Appiah is a renowned philosopher and writer. He grew up in Ghana and England and received his doctorate at Cambridge University. He taught philosophy on three continents and is currently professor at NYU in New York. Topics such as race and Identity are central in his interdisciplinary work.

Lubi Barre

© Nico Scagliarini

Lubi Barre, born in Paris, France, is a writer of poetry and short stories. She published in the anthology My Old Man at Cannongate Books, the German language collection Here and There at Punktum Verlag as well as in the anthology Kontinentaldrift - Das Schwarze Europa by Wunderhorn Verlag. She is the co-organizer of the independent reading series AHAB, founder of Sprachlos series and FRAMED, and a member of the Residency Writers Room. From 2017-2020 she was co-organizer and co-moderator of the reading series Hafenlesung as well as the 2020 and 2021 literary curator of the Fluctoplasma festival in Hamburg. She also is the co-curator of the first Black Writers Book Festival of Hamburg in 2024. She has received numerous grants for writing and curation and in addition teaches creative writing seminars at various universities.

Liz Shoo

Liz Shoo is a multilingual journalist with years of experience as a presenter and moderator. Currently she’s a TV presenter for WDR aktuell. She is also the host of the TV shows Focus on Europe and The 77% at Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster. On top of that, she has been the moderator of numerous events, among others at the UN Climate Conference, TEDxBonn, film premieres, galas, award ceremonies and various panel discussions. She is also the ambassador of TanZanEye.

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